Get FOBS Events on Your Smartphone Calendar

Do you keep missing the important FOBS events?
Not sure what is coming up and if it is relevant to you?

Well FOBS are pleased to announce our iCal Feed!

Add to My Calendar

So what does it do?

As we add events to our calendar at subscribers will be updated, it is really that simple!
If we alter or change an event you will get a notification (if you have these setup on your device) to let you know what has changed.

How do I subscribe?

Unfortunately this is the most complicated part!

Step 1: Click on the Add to My Calendar Button <<< the orange one right there <<< (or the one just a bit further up ^^^)

Step 2: Confirm you want to Subscribe.

Yes it is that difficult!

So What now?

We generally have our meetings on the 1st Friday of each month (during term time), at this time we will discuss and add up and coming events, these will then be added to our Calendar (FOBS Events), this is what provides the feed to your device.


But I don't want to see these in my calendar now...!

For iOS (iPhone or iPad) follow the guide HERE
For Android (HTC, Samsung, etc) follow the guide HERE
For Windows Phone (Nokia, HTC, etc) follow the guide HERE

Removal is quite simple altho you will need to use the specific method for different phones.

iOS 9 removal:

Navigate to the "Settings" on your device, once there look for "Mail, Contacts and Calendars".
Under the "ACCOUNTS" section you will see "Subscribed Calendars FOBS"

iOS Remove Calendar

 tap and follow till you see "Delete Account"

iOS Delete Calendar Account

Once you tap "Delete Account" you will be unsubscribed.

Android Removal:

As I don't have access currently to an android device (if anybody would like to help me with that wink)
All I can do is suggest is looking at the guide from University of Wisconsin Knowledge Base: Android - Removing an email/calendar account

Windows Phone Removal:

Take Windows Phone, to your local Computer Entertainment Exchange ( and ask them to swap it for an iPhone 5s or newer!

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